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janie mcGee

See Jane Dream  is my Online store. I creates unique art

with an urban flair and a touch of vintage. The inspiration

for  my artwork is to brighten your home and office. A

dash of urban ,vintage, faith, heart, and soul with colorful

designs envision to be  blessing in your home.

Whether it Greeting cards, paintings, Church lady series  

Pink Diva,  prints,  books,  handmade decor, or painted

furniture done in a fine art style  with a touch of vintage

history your home will be enriched with collector’s art. 

My 40 years as a professional artist has brought me to a

place of energy excitement , and passion to create art the

is a blessing to   your family!


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church lady & pink diva? This is the official website for my popular series Church Lady and Pink Diva. These colorful series can be purchased in Stationary, decor, and prints. This uniques whimsical series was created to inspire black beauty and health! Church or Pink Diva
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